As a leading company for the storage of stem cells from the umbilical cord and for stem cell

re-search, we are convinced of the progress in medicine and the associated growing possibilities for human health. We will complement our leading role in stem cell banking with contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) of innovative cell and gene-based pharmaceuticals and thus contribute significantly to progress in healthcare. This is what we are committed to.

This code of conduct defines the values that represent the mission statement of FamiCord Suisse SA and its dependent companies (hereinafter “FamiCord Group“). In addition to direct subsidiaries of Vita 34 AG, the FamiCord Group includes other companies of the Famicord Group under the umbrella of the Polish subsidiary PBKM.

Reliability, credibility, openness, honesty and respect are the principles by which our employees conduct themselves among themselves as well as in their dealings with all our customers and other stakeholders.

* For reasons of better readability, the generic masculine is used for personal words. Corresponding terms apply to all genders in the interests of equal treatment. The abbreviated form of language does not imply any judgement.


Compliance with all laws and guidlines 

We always observe all laws and regulations as well as internal guidelines and comply with them as a matter of course. Contraventions will not be tolerated.


Employees as representatives of FamiCord Suisse SA

Every employee is obliged to observe this code of conduct with his or her actions and behavior and to contribute to the positive perception of our company.

Our managers have a special responsibility and role model function in this respect. We value respectful and appreciative interaction with one another. Country leaders take into account that everybody is part of a global organization.


Fair competition and comliance

We stand for fair and free competition and reject unfair business practices. Particularly in the cooperation with healthcare professionals such as physicians or midwives, the provisions of law and compliance rules must be observed at all times. We support our cooperation partners and suppliers with regard to fair competition and compliance. The Head of Compliance of the FamiCord Group, its Board Members as well as the respective de-centrally appointed Compliance Officers are available to all employees at any time for advice, if required.


Corruption and conflicts of interest 

Actions that may fall under the offence of corruption - such as bribery or corruptibility - are not tolerated by the FamiCord Group. Employees ‘personal interests must not influence company decisions. Possible or actual conflicts of interest must be disclosed transparently and in full by the respective employee to the responsible superior in advance of a corporate decision.


Gifts, invitations and hospitality

Gifts, invitations and hospitality must always be appropriate and moderate and in accordance with the applicable laws. The impression that the initiator expects an undue advantage from the gift or invitation should be avoided. For reasons of transparency, invitations and gifts outside those standards need to be approved by the respective supervisor/manager.

The framework conditions for gifts, invitations and hospitality are set out in internal guidelines. These must be observed.


Sponsorship and donations

Sponsorship of institutions and events are part of our business. It needs to be ensured though that there is an adequate consideration by the sponsored partner, which needs to be documented. Sponsoring contracts need to be reviewed by the respective legal department or the external legal advisor of the company.

Donations may be made within the legal framework to institutions that ideally promote charitable purposes.

The framework conditions for sponsorship and for making donations are set out in internal guidelines. These must be observed.


Health and safety

We strictly comply with occupational health and safety regulations. Compliance with our high health and safety standards is regularly reviewed and continuously developed through employee training.


Equal opportunities, diversity and fair working conditions

All employees and applicants have similar opportunities at the FamiCord Group, regardless of gender, age, origin, skin colour, world view, sexual orientation or disability. We do not tolerate any discrimination or harass- ment of persons. We are open for cultural diversity and we promote tolerance.


Data protection and IT security

Data collection and data processing, in particular of sensitive health data, are carried out exclusively in accordance with the statutory regulations, whereby the personal rights and data of our employees, customers and business partners receive the appropriate protection.

The IT systems used at Vita 34 are maintained at the relevant level of security at all times. Every employee is obligated to use them responsibly and with great care.


Handling confidental information and financial data

Confidential information and financial data are among our most sensitive data. Financial data, customer data or the status of research results are subject to strict confidentiality both inside and outside the company.

All employees involved in the preparation of key financial figures, in particular the annual financial statements, are required to prepare them in accordance with the relevant laws and generally accepted accounting principles, in particular with regard to consistency in accounting and valuation. The aim is to provide a complete and accurate picture of the company‘s financial position, net assets and results of operations.


Insider information

The employees of the FamiCord Group as well as the members of the Management Board are subject to the restrictions of the Securities Trading Act and the insider rules of the Market Abuse Regulation. Insider trading is prohibited by law and is punishable by law.



The FamiCord Group engages in lobbying for its corporate goals and its customers in strict compliance with all laws and guidelines.


Property and assets of the company

Employees must treat the company‘s property properly and with care.


Human rights

The FamiCord Group does not use or tolerate exploitation, forced or child labor.


Product and quality assurance, environmental protection

We attach great importance to a sustainable and resource-conserving corporate culture. Our standards for product and quality assurance as well as for environmental protection meet the requirements and are continuously developed further.


Social commitment

We are aware of our social obligations. For this reason, we regularly support various social projects.


Head of compliance and reporting of suspicious cases

The FamiCord Group has installed a whistleblowing system for the reporting of suspected cases of violations against laws, guidelines or against this code of conduct, through which the company can be contacted in various ways. The FamiCord Group protects whistleblowers. Retaliation is not tolerated. Reporting channels will be communicated on the company website and intranet (where available). The framework conditions for reporting suspicious cases are defined in an internal guideline.



Zug, 29. November 2023

Management Board of FamiCord Group




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